Get to know us

Get to know us

Care Educational Solutions Company

Pioneer of technological and educational solutions in #Egypt

Our goal is to advance the development of educational institutions by providing the best means that facilitate explanation, understanding, and assimilation to students in educational institutions at various levels and categories.

That’s why we offer the best offers from our technological services:

[Interactive whiteboard #Edutech]

One of the best smart boards in Egypt in terms of hardware power and software intelligence

[Interactive screen #Edutech ActivePanel] #ActivePanel

An interactive screen with sizes starting from 55 inches, touch screen, and an attached computer equipped with the highest capabilities for speed and ease.

[Intel Tablet Educational Tablet]

The student’s best friend helps him receive lessons, explanations, and exams

Powerful hardware, free software, and easy to use

[Data Show System]

Display screens with sizes starting from 180 cm, in addition to a projector with the latest specifications and the best guarantee for the purposes of presenting presentations, explanations, and displaying content.

[School Management System]

A website to control all school departments and services from one place, with high protection and ease of saving and modification

We also provide services related to facility equipment:

Playground equipment {artificial grass and acrylic pitches}

Landscape equipment

Provide shade and cover spaces

Surveillance Cameras

Internet networks

Computer laboratories

Science laboratories

Media Labs

Student tracking devices and school buses

In addition to an authorized maintenance center for all previous products with warranty

To inquire about offers, please contact the sales department on:


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